Hello, reader. Thanks for showing interest in knowing the meaning behind the name. This beautiful animation on your screen is called the Lorenz Attractor. Lorenz Attractor is a mathematical model that shows chaotic behaviour. In the study of Chaos Theory, it has become a very important concept.

From the Chaos Theory a closely related concept within chaos theory was found, which is referred to as the Butterfly Affect, which refers to the sensitive dependence of conditions in a chaotic system. It suggests, very small changes in the the starting conditions of a system can lead to a significantly difficult outcome over time. Like a flapping of a butterfly's wings in Brazil can potentially influence weather patterns in Texas. Influenced by this, I wish my small contributions in the discipline of Cyber Security can lead to a very safe cyber world.

By the way Can You Hear The Music ( {for} Oppenheimer [2023] {by} Ludwig Göransson ) ?